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The smartphone app that makes it simple for sailors to plan and participate in club activities.



The web app used by club officials to: send messages to sailors, maintain the club program, enter finish times, calculate race results, update handicaps and publish race results.



The suite of services used by sailing Class Associations to keep sailors informed of Class events in a social media world.

You know how...

Sailing club (and class) officials would love to increase participation in club activities while having happy volunteers who are less stressed?

Well, what we do is...

Provide a website for clubs to load content such as their program of events, race results, messages to members, booking links and other information, that their members access via a beautiful, free, smartphone app called Sailor!

In fact...

Over the past twelve months we have worked with multiple clubs and classes, and in January 2019, over 1,000 different people used the Sailor app to access club information.

What our customers say

We have been using the ClubOps' results package over the past two seasons for club racing and regattas.  Results accuracy has been faultless."

"Our requirements are complex.  Individual races have multiple series attached using different handicap systems.  ClubOps has been up to the task and with up to one hundred boats in nine divisions in each race it is nice to have the results posted within 30 minutes of the boats hitting the beach"

"Peter and the team at Club Operations have been responsive to all queries and ongoing development has been continual."

Jon Knorr

Club Captain (2014-16)

McCrae Yacht Club

Top 10 Off-The-Beach Australian Sailing Club

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